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Truck Repair | CBC Truck Repair, Inc. - Van Nuys, CA

CBC Truck Repair, Inc. specializes in repairing brakes and suspensions for all model trucks and trailers. Our professional mechanics are expertly trained on all makes and models of foreign and domestic trucks and trailers to ensure fast service done right the first time – because your safety depends on it! Utilizing state of the art diagnostic equipment we are able to provide a complete estimate before beginning work on your vehicle so there are no surprises!

Brakes are one of the most important components on your truck or trailer. They ensure your safety while driving and should never be taken for chance. You should have your brakes checked every six months for wear and tear, and damage. Doing so will not leave your safety to chance, and will save you money if a problem is found. Damage or wear and tear detected early means less moving parts to be replaced, which also means you save money.

Your truck’s size and weight (as well as weather and your driving habits) can make a big difference in how often you should have your brakes checked for wear and tear, or damage. The more weight in a vehicle, the more is required of your braking system to stop the vehicle. So a large truck, or trailer hauling heavy loads, can need service much earlier than a smaller car or truck, for example.

Your truck’s suspension gets a heavier workout because of carrying heavy loads that most other vehicles are not equipped to handle. This can cause your truck to need suspension services sooner than other vehicles. Your suspension system (you may have heard of it referred to as your shock absorbing system) absorbs the impact of broken or uneven roads so that you and your load don’t have to.

There are many components that make up your suspension system and any one of them can cause your suspension to fail. You should have these components checked regularly to avoid costly repairs down the road. You’ll also want to regularly have your alignment checked to help your suspension system last longer.

Whether it’s brakes or suspension that you need maintained or repaired, CBC Truck Repair Inc. has the tools, specialists, and knowledge to get you back on the road affordably and quickly! Call us today for a quote from one of our friendly and professional staff!