Engine Diagnostics

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Engine Diagnostics - We Check It For You

Engine Diagnostics | CBC Truck Repair, Inc. - Van Nuys, CA

We all know that when that “check engine” light comes on, it’s time to visit your favorite mechanic (CBC Truck Repair, Inc., of course!), but even if you don’t see this light, it is a good idea to have your truck’s engine checked regularly for any possible problems. A failing “check light” could cost you thousands of extra dollars not to mention the safety of you or a loved one.

If your light is on, we can diagnose why and give you an estimate on exactly what needs to be repaired (and reset your check engine light). Even if it’s not on, you should have a diagnostic ran on your engine at least once per year to ensure your safety. Our state of the art engine diagnostic systems will be able to check for any problems so we can provide you with a complete solution and estimate.

Sometimes your check engine light might just be warning you of something simple like you are due for an oil change. Other times it can indicate failures that can become costly and life-threatening if not noticed, and sometimes it may indicate a failure that, while not necessarily immediately life threatening, can cause health and environmental hazards via emissions or wasted gas.

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